Wednesday, April 11, 2007

some of my favorite things

haven't blog lately.. it has been a super busy week. LOL! as if i am that busy.. truth be told, i am just having my super 'damat days' :)

ending of march

our march ends at Baguio. A friend invites us to spend the weekends at baguio and since it is part of our summer getaway agenda plus MY YOBIB hasnt beeen there, we decided to come along! or rather to be tagged along.. :)

first day in baguio runs so smoothly and we had LOTS of pictures to prove it, like these...

but the second and last day became so emotional, i thought i would lose my someone i love so dear.. huhuh. thanks heavens, all ends well.. we went home and everything's back into place.

since the last day became so down (though it never -i repeat -it NEVER ruined our stay in baguio), we never had any pasalubongs or any kind to give away.. its as if we werent there! hah! nice thing melon and ama were so patient in taking us pictures like these.. and the jumps! hahah. so hard to perfect!! pictures coming ssoooon! :D

new love

i love u but i have to let u go.. i love u for all the times we had shared.. u capture the very me and now ur into somebody's arms.. and me into new love too! goodbye my nokia! i love my new motorola MORE and we baptized it with a very cutey name.. niko moto v3i! :)

and my moto has a twin love.. the boyfriend's yobib noki 6151! sweetness!!

last day of work

i really thought my last day of work would be maundy thursday, me and my officemate decided to take long ot the other night.. so 2 hrs before maudny thursday we almost finish our report and that made us not to report to work on thursdays! sigh! buti na lng!!

24 dvd marathon & moto addiction

i just finished season 2 of 24 over the holy week. tama ba namang pagtitika yun? im bad. tsk tsk. next week we will start with season 3! whew. im excited!!

and because the moto is new.. the people in the house were so addicted to picture taking!! and here's some of them showing off my sister, cousins, niece and nephew.. chempre bidang bida ang cute niece kong si iya na favorite si jollibee!!

bday boy

and my only brother is celebrating his birthday on april 9 araw ng kagitingan.. happy happy birthday louie!! dont need to tell you this, but you are really one of my very very favorite here on earth! i love you!


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