Monday, April 30, 2007

pretty.. sick! not sick and tired! :D

it has been a roller coaster ride with the birthday boy yobib (or birthmonth!heheh) coz we've been swimming a lot these past few weekends.. from swimmings and taking care of the sick me.. with or without water, having to take lots of baths or no bath allowed at all.. pool, beach.. i love them :)

first stop was at villa luz silang, an overnight swimming with the buddies of the som choir for the double celebration of the birthdays of jaime and my yobib.. no pix yet from jaime (ei jameng! hapi berdey!).. be patient with what i got on that night!
beach at ternate was the second stop! the beach was like i expected it to be, not so white sand and with rocks that would tickle ur barefoot! a nice place, clean beach, amazing people.. indeed i learn every place is beautiful when ur in the arms of the man who loves you!! almost paradise really coz im with the man i love and who loves me most!
i was sick last week. so sick, pretty sick. huhuh. but with cares and love of the people around me, i am now feeling quiet well Ok! thanks guyz for giving me noodles soup and isolating me at dinner! now i am getting thinner because of you! when u cant join them at dinner, you know ur safe! heheheh. i am not overeating (opkors!) but melon, arlyn and cleo do it all the time!! peace!
and i hope to not say hello to being absent from work again and use my SL.. ayoko na magkasakit, bawal magkasakit!
Pretty!! muka bang kagagaling lang sa sakit??! :) baby yobib always tells me i look like lou gee here, well if he's kidding, it's just fine.. and if he's serious, thanks baby! u see beautigul things when you look at the one you love! oppps. naniwala na ko! hahah. layo kaya kay lou gee! adik ba ko?! heheh. and im glad april is over, the birthmonth is over too! hehehjoke! i love april! eh i love yobib! i really do! Happy Happy birthday baby!!! Tanda mo na! :)

~ 0 ~

and to my mother who just turned 57 last april 18, happy happy birthday mother dear! hope you liked my gift! of course you do, hahah!.. you always wanted him around lately. seeing ur tears fell for that surprise was enough.. oh how i love surprises!! surpises! surprises!

and see this.. my fave niece is so lovingly addicted to her dora mini-swimming-pool-chuva, i dnt know what to call it eh! isnt she like me?? mini me?? pose kung pose! :D


Lalaine Friday, April 13, 2012 2:58:00 PM  

Same kme ng birthday ng mama at malapit naun,.gusto ko rin magtreat ng swimming pero small lng budget q,. help nmn,. saan kau nagswimming dyan,..

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