Thursday, May 03, 2007

reading time!

see what i got for today! i bought 4 books for only P350. wink! second hand but still looking brand new.. and i intend to give some to people i so adore and love here on earth!

+ for my brother dear, i bought him The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. I wish he will like it more than the cellphone loads he always asked from me once in a while! Kitikitext na bata! Magbasa ka!! Hmp. :D

+ for my cutest niece Iya, (i know she cant read this at this early, heheh) basta i bought it for her! What is my Shadow Made Of? Questions Kids ask About Everyday Science.. and to think na di ko na rin masagot ng maayos ang mga kung anik anik na Q & A na to, (review session ko rin to!) i will read it to her, surely!
+ for my baby yobib, the ever fanatic of greek mythology, knowing how impatient he is with reading a book like this, hope he will finish reading this book by Homer The Odyssey! and when i told him i bought him this book his reaction was, "eh we already watched that uh?!" galing! heheh.

+ and for me, A Secret Affair by Barbara Taylor Bradford.. an officemate ask me why i chose this, i said i just like the title! heheh. If there's Forbidden Fantasy i would surely buy it! :D
~ 0 ~
and i wasnt finish reading this book i bought last christmas! hahahah.


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