Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Lolo Apol!

Three year old photo of me and my lolo apol

I will not be able meet awesome friends here if i didn't learn how to blog. I will not be blogging if I never saw his blog three years ago! Now all I have is nothing but gratitude to that man I fondly call LOLO, for guiding me through and making me fly on my own. He is my mentor in blogging, now I would like to learn from him on earning through adsense, and visit hongkong through adsense money someday just like him last father's day (with his family in tow, mind you!)! Teach me how! Pretty please.. :)

Happy happy birthday Lolo Apol!
Hope you have a grand time you deserve! :)

PS. On why i call him lolo.. read this. ;)


Meryl (proud pinay) Tuesday, July 07, 2009 1:52:00 AM  

hello ke lolo! ^_^
makikilolo na din hehe.anyway, bakit lolo ang tawag mo sis?

ms firefly Tuesday, July 07, 2009 2:52:00 AM  

ang galing, flew to hongkong on adsense money?! he's a genius!

nuts Tuesday, July 07, 2009 8:02:00 AM  

You call him pala by that name.. Y "lolo?"

Apol Tuesday, July 07, 2009 12:24:00 PM  

Hi Niko!

Nabasa mo na rin pala yung article sa Inquirer kahapon. Katuwa ano?

Dito ako ngayon sa Pangasinan, will celebrate bday with my Pia. May date kami mamaya pag labas nya sa school. Sabi ko huwag na pumasok, magagalit daw si Titser. :-)

Salamat sa pagbati!

@Meryl, sige apo na rin kita. hehe!

@Ms. Firefly, hindi naman. swerte lang yata.

Clarissa Tuesday, July 07, 2009 12:57:00 PM  

Ang galing pala ni Lolo Apol!A visit in Hongkong through adsense money??!!Ang galing nya ha!!\(^0^)/
Happy Birthday po,Lolo Apol( makiki lolo na rin po)Best wishes po!!^_^

kittykat Tuesday, July 07, 2009 1:37:00 PM  

Happy Birthday sa mentor mo ganda..naku may mentor din ako when it comes to blogging..my one only bestfriend..

gusto ko rin makapag Hong Kong using my blog earnings like she did..

chubskulit Tuesday, July 07, 2009 2:52:00 PM  

Happy Birthday Lolo Apol!

We got back since Sunday but wasn't able to visit blogs till now. They got sick (diarrhea) except me. We actually brought EJ to the hospital today because he is fevered till now..

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging words you said and left at my blogs. For the sympathy and prayers, and for those who shared their blessings to the family! May God bless you all for your compassionate hearts!

john Tuesday, July 07, 2009 2:53:00 PM  

Hi ms. Niko, thank you so much for your constant visits and comments..

Cacai M. Wednesday, July 08, 2009 5:08:00 AM  

Hello Nikz, I thought it's really your lolo but I saw that he's just as your age and am curious why.. heheh.. now I have to dig in why.. hehehh.. muahhh!

amiable amy Wednesday, July 08, 2009 9:12:00 AM  

Oyy, Happy Birthday...hehehe...Cancerian din pala ha...that is really good to know that your mentor is there to guide you always.

pehpot Thursday, July 09, 2009 5:30:00 AM  

uy Happy birthday! akala ko lolo mo talaga lol

teka paano daw un? HOngkong from adsense? dali na ituro mo din sa akin, now na!!

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