Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Inspired by my good friend umma's post. Here is what my office working area looks like..

A plant inside a mini bottle with a miniature bahay kubo. this is placed at the top of my CPU

Candy Bowl/Lots of Supplies
though i must admit that i am introvert at times, with food at my table I think i am extrovert. just before my area picture taking an officemate took my peanuts away.. and my knick knacks choco on choco got lost just after taking my break.. i cant get enough of sweets at office, that is my weakness. Got no Picture for this one! :(

Motivational/Inspirational Items
i have a little sto nino at the top of my CPU, an all time reminder of my faith. also, i would only reveal it here now, i have a lavender high heels shoe beside it, also a reminder that i can be taller / higher if i set my best foot into what i love doing!

Family Photos
i have the picture of me and husband at the front of my computer, a reminder of our love?! LOL and our daughter's picture at my desktop as a wallpaper.. hope it says enough that i love my family!

Excessive Post-It Notes
do i look like i cant keep up?? i hope my cork board looks like i can keep up with my work.. :D


Umma Tuesday, November 18, 2008 6:13:00 PM  

Well said Mareng Niko... hahaha.. I never thought you'll be inspired by my post.

Great Job dear.. U are one loving Momma and wifey.. and thanks for letting us peep on your work area hahaha.

Mom of Four Tuesday, November 18, 2008 8:14:00 PM  

kaka insipre to ha..mag post din ako ng aking work area, (nainggit baga...)
YOur area looks great Mommy Niko. when working ako sa Call Center, I had pictures of my hubby, my 2 kids. now, you will see what my work desk look like. I will dust it off a little then iI will take a picture..Hahaha! See yah later..

Mummy Gwen Tuesday, November 18, 2008 10:54:00 PM  

Hi Niko, You have a very neat and cosy work area. Yes..really can see the love for your family. That's good. I like to snack on candies too. :P

niko Wednesday, November 19, 2008 8:55:00 AM  

thanks for ur inpiring post mare.. sana my work area looks like i am going to stay until i retire :D

mommy liz sure! post ur working area too.. show us!! hehehe

mummy gwen, i should have a photo of my knick knacks here at office just for you. to make you drool for sweets all the more hahaha

take care and thanks for dropping comments my dearest! :)

Mom of Four Wednesday, November 19, 2008 12:50:00 PM  

yeah, I already took a picture of my kitchen, laundry room and each of my kids room..That's my workplace...Hahaha!!!

bonz Sunday, November 23, 2008 7:57:00 PM  

i'm just starting my new job, i'll have to arranged my work area muna, then post ko rin... lols!
where are you working pala? in makati ba?
anyway, got a tag for you...

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