Sunday, June 09, 2013

Looking at the Brighter Side

Working with Sales has taught me a lot of new things. Even help me see things in different perspectives. When I would usually complain about my life in general when struggles arise, I started to learn to look at the bright side of things. Trust me, this isn’t easy to do when I am struggling to get back on my feet after almost four months of maternity leave and I have a lot of catching up to do with my “numbers”. This is the main cause of my stress and when I start to feel all left up I just want to raise both my hands and scream surrender---- but NO. I shifted to Sales for one reason – to give the best I can offer to my children’s future and giving up means giving up on them.

So how do I manage to get up every morning after sleepless nights rearing to the one and half year old daughter Yani and to our three months old baby Yllac? I always start the day with a prayer. Yes, to the tune of Madonna’s Say a Little Prayer. I am not prayerful, let me tell you, my husband is and that’s one I am thankful every day. When I feel down with all the things that’s happening at work, I look forward to spending time with my husband (who teases me to no end but whom I feel secure and loved and I can go on with my endless bitching and complaints and still love me in spite all that!). I always thank the Lord that I married an imperfect individual like me BUT I definitely can say – I married a good man!

My precious bebes - Yena, Yani and Yllac
My children? Well, they are my priceless gifts and I really cannot imagine my life without them. When I feel low, I just look at them and feel am the richest human being on earth. I cannot believe I have so much love to give until I met them. With all the hats I wear in a day, the greatest and the sweetest to my ears are these three little creatures that call me with their tiny little voices – MOMMY!!


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