Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

The sweetest friend I am talking about in my previous post, who showered me with lotsa gifts (but most of all genuine friendship), who I only met online, who became my daughter’s godmother and who is really deep down to the bone generous is having her first ever contest/giveaway in celebration of her and her hubs 6th wedding anniversary on July 28. She will be giving away a brand new Coach satchel bag worth $300!

I have been having second thought of joining, I am afraid to bring home this branded bag if I am that lucky, lol. But really, I want this contest/giveaway to be a success so this will be a monthly thing for all the bloggers out there to look forward to.

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So please help support my friend Umma by joining her contest/giveaway! She will be really happy if you do..Thanks in advance!

If you learn about the contest from here and decided to join please tell Umma you are being referred by me, NIKO. =) Thanks a lot!


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