Tuesday, July 06, 2010

To Wangwang or not to Wangwang

Wangwang is the next popular word after June 30! That wangwang has been on the news since Pnoy’s inauguration.

I admit I love that inaugural speech because of the wangwang =). It makes me believe that there’s a brighter future for us Filipinos. I admire how Pnoy follows traffic rules. But that wangwang does not only imply the traffic system in the Philippines.

Maybe what Pnoy meant was that nobody is above the law. And that even the president, who have possession of the number 1 plate, should abide the law (traffic law for that wangwang) and should not be the king of the road (hari ng kalsada).

Last Friday, Pnoy was 30minutes late to an appointment because of the heavy traffic at EDSA because he preferred not to use the wangwang. While the congressman Gloria (the 14th president GMA) get on her way at NLEX and didn’t pay the toll fee!

Yesterday, VP Binay, though he and his convoy didn’t use wangwang, but they turn left on a no left turn and beat the red light! There might be reasons, though. Security etc…

Only four people are allowed to use wangwang in the Philippines; the president, vice president, senate president and the speaker of the house. And if the following people prefer not to use them, how come you still have wangwang in your car?!


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