Thursday, May 20, 2010

Niko says:

Am still having problem with my laptop nancy and my internet connection at home. And I call it ‘A peculiar case of the less than sign’. The reason why I don’t have updates on my blogs (I have some updates on the other blogs today though) don’t ask me how but if there’s a will there’s a way, right?

My girls talk for this Thursday is lovingly prepared by my Marce K, isn’t she the sweetest? The linky is up for the whole week so if you wish to join please head up to my Girls Rule blog. The topic by the way is about our friends from work.

I was able to attend the dedication of Madz’ pretty daughter, Sophia Marie yesterday with my daughter Yena, who has a swollen face but was very well behaved. Will post the pictures, need to grab it on Madz facebook later.

My apology to Glenda, Fedhz and Pehpot for not being able to attend our meet up yesterday. Sad. Please let's set it next week!!! Wink

I am sad without my usual blogging routines nightly but started to realize some things. Well, I CAN live without internet connection just as long as I have proxy at work. My GOD is bigger than smart. ALWAYS.

Now I can’t wait tomorrow night!

What about you? What’s your “say” today???!


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