Wednesday, June 06, 2007

keep still

i just hang up my phone, i talked to my sister Aya, and she told me our father has to go to a hospital. To Philippine General Hospital (PGH) or Trece Martires Hospital.

I cried.

Its been three weeks or more that we monitored his condition. My father is diabetic. When he has wounds it will not heal fast. Early May, he had a pimple and it made his face swore, his right eye blurred. Now he has swollen foot. He cannot walk. When i learned this, i hurried home and we have him checked to his doctor. With lots of medicines prescribed and urgently following all of the doc's advise, i am so dismayed he is not getting well. i am so sad seeing him so thin, he was advised to eat a little amount of carbo. he eats oatmeal during breakfast, lunch and dinner. he would eat fruits (6 pcs of grapes the most or 1 banana a day!) and one slice of wheat bread for merienda. again he is not getting any better. i am hurt the most when i see him in pain. i just want him to get well. i know he will be. i am not losing hope.

my father will turn 68 this september and if not being diabetic, he is very strong and so hard working. i must admit he's my favorite and i love him so much. i am now into thinking of taking a leave here at office and be by his side 24/7 if he will be confined to a hospital. i will move mountains just to see that he will be WELL. my faith in God is keeping still, i know he will heal my father.

please, if it is not too much to ask, please pray for my father that he may be well sooner than soon.


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