Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the red flag is up!

when the red flag is up, he's checking MY emails
when it is so, you have to update your blog to his satisfaction

the red flag is up because he wants you to do his RULE
the rule is, NO to that non-sense "muse issue"
he knew i also hate the idea of that "muse thing!"
i am not muse-material, i know.
and i am not being gullible when all of "them" telling me i should be the "ONE"
when what im feeling and what i am is not the "ONE"

but what will i do?!
i am in a situation where, when i say NO!, they'd say GO!
when i cry NO! they would all still say GO!
it's as if i have no choice but to GO! when i really DON'T want to!

he said choose,
is it ME or THEM?
are YOU and them by any chance in same level?!!
YOU ought to know i will choose you, always.
and THEM is never a choice! you know that!
but the situation IS!

I just want you to support me, even if WE both hate the idea!
I just thought you will support me all the way
please dont tell me i am wrong.

when all these things mellowed down,
i will embrace you still with arms wide open,
i love you still, for always.


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