Tuesday, May 22, 2007

yobib and his new front tooth

i knocked out yobib

emergency leave kami ni yobib kahapon. our main agenda, to look for a dentist who will make his front teeth anew! night before we had a fight, a boxing fight. it was meant to be playful. but he hit me pretty hard with so many punches. at dahil nasaktan ako, gumanti ako ng suntok. naiwasan niya ang kanang kamao ko pero di sya nakailag sa bangis ng left upper cut ko! yes. sounds like a battered husband. but hey we're just playing! he started it! tinapos ko lang ng isang makasaysayan at malupit na knocked out!

fast tooth!
after some text to friends and reaching unreach numbers, a friend of mine from PLM referred us to Dra. Anne of Counter Decay Clinic at Paco. We came there at 1030 and she finished yobib's build up and measuring up of new tooth at around 1pm. at 7pm Dra texted yobib "And2 na ngipin mo, pede na natin ikabit!" so funny. and at 8pm he had his new front tooth already.. boila! :)

-i i i i i -

the housemates are all not feeling well yesterday. daryl spent afternoon at the house. after having our lunch at around 2pm we all take a NAP until 7pm. it was a long nice nap and it kept me unawake even the rain is pouring so hard! while daryl and yobib cleared the flood at the kitchen, i continue my so soundful sleep! :D

right now, i am still the AIDS-person. whew. i think i am loaded here at work but it is so manageable that leaves me with a week of being so idle. sometimes i love it, sometimes im beginning to get tired of it..


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