Wednesday, January 31, 2007

love thy neighbor!

this is my first time to complain about my neighbors (my co workers, boss etc.) on this blog. LOLs. i have so many complaints about anything and anyone in between but its just a passing. with all of this my baby always listens! but this time, im writing it down, i think it will help me ease some if not all of my bitchiness..

i am really contemplating on doing this post, afraid that they might read it sometime soon. but just to free me of these thoughts, here's my latest fave neighbors..

1. i am not liking sandy. (oppps! i am using code names guyz). reasons? i am not disclosing here!

2. i dont like willie's guts! oh! that man.. grrrr. just mere looking or bumping into him at the lobby freaks me. i am spoiling my day just the thought of seeing him.

3. i hate rolly. i saw in him a dirty old politician! ew.

as much as i am exerting effort to see the bright side of sandy, willie and rolly.. sadly i just cant find one. or i am not into finding them for the moment. i think i am my bitchy self lately!! and its been a a few weeks now.. gosh. i am not having the right vibes to go to work all the more. help me!

- - - - -
my boss talked to me and said i looked like a raped victim today. i am worrying i told him. my parents and brother are travelling for vacation right now.. and as soon as i know that they arrive at aklan/ iloilo safely i will be my old self again. promise!

- - - - -
me and baby got a very new blog now.. try clicking this
datingmushroom and comment if you wish!
he said its not as good as the original one which i deleted long time ago! :) e hayaan mo na yun baby... we will make this blog as beautiful as the original!


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