Saturday, January 04, 2014

New Year 2014

New year's eve is always something we look forward to. Now that we have three piglets we make sure we follow those traditions from fruits to sweets on the table. We want the whole year to be full of sweetness and love. I requested husband to cook pesto chicken penne, one of our fave dish from Pizza Hut but were not able to get a recipe online. What we were able to copy from pizza hut however is their crab roll salad!!! 

That's the newest addition to our simple media noche...
 Since the three piglets were already sleeping, we feast on these while talking about 2013. It was a very difficult year however we are thankful because this is the year when we received one of our greatest gift, our baby boy Yllac. 

Now we look forward to a fruitful year, 2014 the year of the wood horse. Chinese predictions said this is a good year for money for those born in the year of the rooster (like me!) however this isnt a good year for those born on the year of the dog (like husband!). Husband and i really fit to a T. So i guess this is going to be a good year still. Just as long as we are together we can make it one of our best years together. Aja 2014!!!


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