Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Classic Wedding Ring

While many women love the look of large, elaborate wedding bands, there are just as many women who prefer more classic, simplistically-designed wedding bands. Traditional wedding bands are made out of solid yellow gold, though rose gold and white gold are also somewhat popular. These bands may be thin or wide, but while there may be custom engraving on the inside, the outside of such a wedding band is usually plain, smooth, and shiny. However, there are some plainer styles of women's wedding bands that may have a very thin filigree - also known as a milgrain - around one or both edges of the ring.

Allurez wedding bands has a prime selection of classically styled wedding bands for women. From the euro fit, which features squared off edges, to flat designs and domes, all of these bands are available in both yellow and white gold, so no matter what type of gold your engagement ring is made out of, your ultimate choice in wedding band will be a perfect match. And it's easy to find plain styles for men's wedding bands, so your husband-to-be will also have a matching band! Whether you choose plainer styles of wedding bands for monetary concerns or simple because you like the understated yet classical look, you're sure to find a gorgeous set that you will both love.


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