Saturday, May 25, 2013

Change is good

There are so many things to share, but so little time to do so. If you have been here the past years, i'll tell you there has been a lot of things that's going on in our lives. This blog has seen my ups and downs, i have wrote about almost anything here, from my father and mother's health problems, my finding my true love, my pregnancies, my children and all the travels i had with my family BUT i have yet to write about the day i lost the man i loved the most, my father. I still get emotional and have yet to find courage writing about the day i lost a big part of my life. If i can hold myself even for a little while, i will write about that tragic day on his first year's death anniversary in August. That's if i can.

Anyway, i have been talking about change, now let me tell them one by one. My family has become bigger, now we have two girls and one boy. Yes, i gave birth (via CS for the 3rd time!) to a healthy baby boy last March. In April, husband has to shift from Finance to Sales, just like i did last year! Now we're both on the selling field. But he has to learn how to drive and is now driving going to work, and because he loves me that much, he drops me off in my work first and fetch me every single day.

When before, we would talk and sleep in the bus, now we have each other in his car every day, our moments to talk about everything and anything under the sun. With three kids at home, we hardly find time to do that at home. When the kids are sleep at night, we're both tired to still catch up on what happened the whole day. And husband has yet to finish his masteral class he started last year. To study and work at the same time is hard and i have to give that to husband. He has been under a lot of stress lately and even if he tells me everything, i still can feel how difficult it is for him - to be a newbie in Sales and to finish his MBA. What does a wife do? Support him in anyway i can.

Now we're embracing all these changes, well change is good. I know we'll go through a lot of things in the future but as long as we have each other we're going to make it through.


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