Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bread Winner Forever

I am the eldest in the family. I have two siblings, a girl and a boy. I am a dreamer and I never stop dreaming not just for myself but for everyone in the family.

My mother and father both have their ailments and need consistent supply of medications. I have once dreamt of my brother wearing men’s nursing scrubs and hot pink scrubs for my sister. I saw them both as medical attendants taking good care of our parents. Sometimes I become paranoid of things but I am not losing hope- hope that in time we will be able to surpass all the problems that we are having right now.

Only if I can really sustain it, I want to see my brother wearing men’s medical uniforms in real life. I will let him take medicine, nursing or any medical courses which may help our family in the long run.
I believe I have been an obedient daughter ever since. I act as the bread winner of the family until now even if I already have my own. Yet I am not regretful about everything. All that I do at this point, I offer to my loved ones. I always want to see them happy. I don’t want to hear them in pain or even having difficulties in their everyday living.

Only if I can provide everything, I might get them spoiled in a way but that’s my dream for them - to have all the comfort and ease in life. I love them of course and I will always look back on how my parents have brought me in this world.

Life may seem tough at times but with my family beside me, I feel like I have got no problem at all. I guess my faith in God has a lot to do with it. Despite all the troubles and challenges that come our way, our Lord is there never failing to show love in any ways and continuing to shower blessings that His children needs.


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