Thursday, November 04, 2010

Honeymoon in Vegas

After my husband’s last post on his blog about our planned church wedding in 2017 I have dreams of going to Vegas for our honeymoon and spend a fortune playing in a microgaming casinos. That’s if we can step foot in Sin City in real life. But if not, I know we could see the place online or through google earth. I guess I can be contented with that.

Seriously, I haven’t tried playing on the best online casinos yet but at the rate my dreams are taking me I guess I need to learn the tricks of the trade most especially on the no deposit casino bonus. Oh, how much I’d like to feel the thrill of bringing home the biggest prize ever. I would be on cloud 9 for sure!

But being the player that my husband is, I know for sure he would have a great time on the poker or at the roulette while am behind him cheering my heart out. Or he would be hiding his face in shame for having a loud wife cheering for him, lol. Either way, I know that if this dream is coming true, the day I step foot in Vegas would be one of my happiest days ever!

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