Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashionable Nurses on the Loose

The last time I visited a hospital was on my daughter’s scheduled vaccination almost two months ago. And the first thing I noticed is that, the nurses are now wearing a fashionable stitching that breaks the monotony of the usual nursing scrub uniforms . The whole hospital seems brand new with the new nursing scrubs tops that the nurses were wearing.

Even the assistant of my daughter’s pediatrician wears the new trendy nursing scrubs tops that doesn’t look like a uniform – she looks like a cool professional. While my daughter’s pediatrician who usually wears a white medical uniform beams with pride as she speaks of the new scrub uniforms available in the market especially designed for the work force in the field of medicine.

Evidently, it is a breakthrough embraced clearly by hospitals and medical facilities out there. So it’s not a surprise to see some medical uniform stores who offers fashionable nursing scrubs tops to keep with the in-thing.

Good bye to the usual white or blue tops that seems too loose or too tight. Hello to the scrubs uniforms that are tapered at the waist and flatter every figure. If wearing them makes the nurses feel good, this in turn will make them feel better of what they do. Serving the people while wearing a fashionable and comfortable cloth makes the work double the fun!

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