Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Nuffnang Event

Watched the premiere of SALT last night at Greenbelt 3 courtesy of Nuffnang and Heaven icecream. My first ever attendance to a nuffnang event! The nuffnang staffs are all friendly, very very friendly I must say. Thanks so much nuffnang!

I forgot to kiss the ground and wished for another movie premiere! LOL But pehpot said nuffnang is cooking lots of premiere invites soon, so what’s left for me to do? That I will be able to get the notification email at earlier time rather than 7pm, ohhh email blast! ^_^

Anyways, since I was so excited I arrived at Greenbelt 3 an hour before the premiere and was able to chat with my highschool friends from SOM, who are also fellow bloggers/mentors.

My Friends from SOM

Waited for husband and his officemates to arrive at 7pm, hope they had fun coz i did enjoyed the night with them hihih
Husband and his officemates

and waited another 15 lovely minutes for Fedhz and Mike to arrive. Oh how I missed Pehpot last night.
Me, Fedhz and Mike

The movis is great, alright – I love it!!!. Should I keep on reminding you that? Plus the free ice cream is really Heaven.. heavenly! Lots of freebies last night I must say.

Enjoyed my first nuffnang event and am looking forward to the next movie premiere event! Yay!


doms Thursday, July 29, 2010 10:00:00 PM  

Hi, niko! Enjoyed the movie and the ice cream too!

Thanks for the pics. At extra pa kami dito sa blog mo.


fedhz Thursday, July 29, 2010 11:03:00 PM  

ui, sino ung poste sa tabi ko hehe. sabi ni peh, mukha ka daw desente. bwahaha!

Umma Friday, July 30, 2010 2:46:00 AM  

Waaah.. I want to watch the 'SALT" movie too.. glad to see you had a blast mareng Niks.. gorgeous pictures, love it!!

Vernz Saturday, July 31, 2010 12:07:00 AM  

Hi Niko thanks for dropping by Table for Five ... about the links.. just submit your links (your blog urls in HTML format) . I will send all the blog links to those who participated and you just have to post it as a regular post.. or put it in your side bar... visit Petty Things in Life for details. .. click the badge pala..

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