Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Other Woman

Wife is totally wrecked with jealousy when it comes to her husband’s “other woman”. Wife knows he enjoys much of his other woman’s company. He spends out rather significant bucks to keep her elegance and talks about her a lot frequently, not as much as he speaks of his wife. He keeps her of everybody’s envy and rides on her with pride. Without a doubt, you cannot take a man’s attention out of his splendid car!

If you are a wife and can relate to this, leave that foul feelings over a four-wheel machine. Surprise him with new innovative rims that will surely get him back to your arms. Given you cannot stretch your budget on it, why not initiate the cleaning for him?

As you are not into cars, below are some pointers that may help in choosing best wheel rims and keeping its quality:

1. Look for rims that are not too heavy for his vehicle. Heavy wheels that are not supported by the car’s suspension may lead to imbalanced driving maneuvers.

2. If the rim is damaged, it is best to replace it with new one.

3. Have the rims cleaned about once a week. Never do it right immediately after driving. Extensive heat may have build up in rims that exposure to cold water may result to permanent spotting.

4. Be careful in applying cleaning products. Refrain from using acid-based cleaning agents while mild dishwashing soap and water will do. Never use scouring pads or dense metal polishes as these can scratch the rims. Rather use soft cotton cloth.

5. Clean rims one at a time. Never let the cleaner sit on the rim for an extended period of time as this may cause unlikely effect to the surface of the rim.

6. After cleaning, wax the wheels inside and out to avoid the dust cementing itself on the rim.

For more details about rims, visit CARiD.com and have the best rims suitable for your hubby’s other woman favorite car!


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