Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going Solo

I have been serving the music ministry in our parish for eight long years now. Husband is now the musician while his brother, my favorite BIL, is on leave. But BIL is coming back soon, so husband will still be the guitarist and still be on bass group.

Eight long years and for that span of time, I haven’t tried singing on solo. I belong to any group, soprano or alto to fill in when someone is absent. You think I sing well? I don’t think so! I can sing with the group but when I try to sing on solo, my voice runs out. Stage fright, nervousness, fear: mixed emotions of a trying hard singer like me.

But husband has been requesting me to sing Hangad. I love that song so much. Husband said I can sing it well every time we practice AT HOME. BUT I do not have the same confidence to sing outside of the house.. I am so afraid.

You know I always give in to husband’s every request. So if you happen to pass by our parish one Sunday at 9am, please bear with my trembling voice.


Kayce Thursday, June 17, 2010 12:56:00 PM  

ay naku sis pareho rin tayo... pero na overcome ko na yung fear na yan. actually im the worship leader sa church namin and i even sing in front of more than a 100 people... concentrate lang ako sa kanta sis.. iniisip ko lang na walang tumitingin sa akin... and most importantly, iniisip ko im doing this not to impress people but para ito kay Lord. ;-)

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