Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tags and Five Awards

Clang! How can i say thank you enough for flooding me this tags and awards. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my very grateful heart. Thanks for these but most of all thank you for the friendship my dear!

Do you think you' re hot?

~My husband think am HOT all the time.

Please upload your favorite picture
Why do you love this picture?
~I love it coz its my most recent picture which was taken three days ago. I look so young and fresh here. I am not that fresh when you see me in person. LOL

When was the last time you ate pizza?
~A week ago. Husband brought me pizza one night wrapped in tissue paper and it tastes heavenly!

What was the latest song you've heard?
~Bob Marley, he is my fave.

What are you doing while working on this game?
~Listening to my reporter office mate

What is your favorite nickname?

What kind of person are you?
~It's like this, either you hate me or love me. Choose and that's me! LOL

What is your favorite song?
~Depends on my mood.

What is your favorite food?

What is the most stressful thing to you?
~scheduled post. blogging :)

Mention the 3 must-have items in your purse.
~cami (my digicam), moto (my cellphone) and keys

What is your favorite color/s?
~lavender or any shade of violet

What is your not full-filled-yet dream?
~baby boy soon!!!

What is your favorite city to stay?
~New York! (in my dreams,LOL)

You Are an Oddball

You tend to be understated and under appreciated.

You have a hidden force to do amazing things, doing them your own way.

People may see you as strange and shy, but they know little.

Your unconventional ways have more power than they (and even you) know.

Your strength: Standing up for what you know is true

Your weakness: You tend to be picky and rigid

Your power color: Silver

Your power symbol: Square

Your power month: April

Now am passing these awards and tags to Mareng Liz and her cousin Eds!


Cacai M. Saturday, October 10, 2009 7:56:00 AM  

oizzt ang cute namn nang pics na ito.. at pareha tayo nang fave color - lavender. Have a good day ganda! muahh!

Mom of Four Sunday, October 11, 2009 7:14:00 PM  

Dami ngang award, hehehehe! I love your picture, so fresh looking ka nga. hehehe..

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