Friday, October 02, 2009

Clean-up Holiday Cancelled

I was waiting for the update of this clean-up holiday, The president announces last monday of one-day special non-working holiday or clean-up holiday within this week. It is friday today and we are already at work. So the holiday isn't happening. :)

Ms beng forwarded this email to me which says:

Administrative Order 270, issued by President Arroyo last Tuesday, directed all heads of departments, bureaus and agencies under the executive branch and government-owned and controlled corporations to mobilize their officials and employees to help in the relief and rehabilitation of calamity-stricken areas brought about by storm “Ondoy.”

Instead of the planned one-day special non-working holiday announced last Monday, MalacaƱang has decided to mobilize government employees to help in the cleanup operations in areas affected by floods. Source: Philippine Star


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