Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dream Luggage for Our October Get Away

I was laughing when husband was planning his trip to davao last Tuesday as I told him if I should put his stuff on my mom’s biggest bag. As he doesn’t have any Briefcases , and would carry few clothes we make do of his sister’s gym bag.

I was telling him that we have to buy our own luggage as we will be going to Palawan on October. We would be visiting the place for the first time with lots of friends and our daughter Yena in tow so we should be armed with the biggest luggage I can possibly imagine.

My search for the ultimate luggage directs me to this one awesome website and I can’t stop picking my choices. Checking what’s in store left me thrilled at this one set of Carry-On Luggage as I can imagine how it can be fashionable, chic and modern. Of course I also have to think about some wheeled carry on luggage just in case yena would be so glued to me, I still have a choice to carry her and help carry some stuffs from hubby.

I know this is too early to plan as it is still five months away but this is a set of dream luggage I have in my mind right now. Now I have to find the easiest way to get them…


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