Thursday, May 21, 2009

Am keeping my Smartbro wireless prepaid, No choice.

Since I have been using my smartbro wireless at home, which is very very slow by the way, I asked my younger sister to inquire at PLDT and Digitel on their internet package in our area. I have high hopes to have at least 384kbps back, cause using the wireless of smartbro is like reaching my boiling point it only reached up to 90kbps. I can view my blog after 10 minutes of waiting, can’t view the message box and comments and can’t even open plurk! Worst is I can’t use yahoo messenger!!

So for those weekends, when I have a spare time to open my nancy laptop and browse the internet I choose to sleep instead. So weekends mean no blogging, blog hopping, no opps, no moolah. Nothing. Nah.

So came the reply of PLDT, my sister said they don’t have internet package yet and directs us to SMART. Digitel however don’t have available slot in our area.. Other internet companies hasn’t reached our province YET. I am looking forward to my company’s internet connection near our area very soon. I know by that time I will have a great time.

I bought this prepaid kit after i had my account deactivated with Smart last month for P1,995. I was trying to sell it for P1,500 coz i don't like to keep 'anything' SMART in my life but i have no choice. Am keeping it for the mean time. So it looks like I still don’t have internet connection at home! See you everybody every weekdays! Sigh.

PS: I am not flying to Davao! How i wish.. Now i have to share who's flying on my next entry. Keep on guessing.. heheh


Mom of Four Friday, May 22, 2009 1:02:00 AM  

bakit naman pinapa atat mo pa kami sa paghula, hehehe..

i keep mo yang smartboro mo, ibenta mo sa akin at dalhin ko ang laptop ko sa manila, baka sakaling mag work..

Mom of Four Friday, May 22, 2009 1:06:00 AM  

yung prepaid kit mo pala ang ibenta mo sa akin. sus, kalito naman, may smart na may boro pa...may big bro...kaloka kau dyan huh..

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