Thursday, March 29, 2007

300 and more!

i am not feeling well since monday. my head is aching heavy giving me sleepless nights. yesterday i just couldnt made it to office, i decided to just took a leave. i rested the whole morning and decided to stop trying to sleep..

and since wednesday is a very special day being "our big day", the boyfriend took his leave for his brother's recognition day and then went to rescue me from my super aching head.. we decided to spend the afternnoon eating at cabalen.. and after stuffing our already full packed stomach we went to Robinsons Movie World and watched 300! aw! we really liked it that we watched it twice.. heheh!! horraahh!! no retreat, no surrender!!

after which we went home and the boys, decided to have their 'emote sessions' regarding pride, true love et al until the wee hour of the morning over bottles of red horse.. grrr. forgiven since it is johnny's graduation day! Congrats Johnny!

and i cant help overhearing all their woes, aches and pains.. and now i really would like to understand the boys more, i will be understanding my baby more.. and love him back!! all the more..

happy happy 8th baby! i love you.. haarrroooohh!


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