Wednesday, February 28, 2007

im breaking the rules!

being an obedient daughter, i, most of the time follow what my parents want for me.. as they say mother knows best (true!) and so id like to think i am a 99% "masunuring anak" to them.

being an underdog elder sister, i would always make it a point to top list my beloved sister's wants..

being a loving ate to our bunso, anything that i can provide i will gladly give it to him with arms wide open..

i'd like to think i am giving them what they want from me.. coz that's what they deserve, coz that would make them happy! what they ask from me, i will always (if not always) give in..

but some things change.not my love for them, not my being obedient to them, change! not even my heart ever denied anything i can offer them..

something (most important thing- i think) change within me..

i am NOW following my heart much to the disappointment of my mother and my sister! sad. sigh. sniff.

i followed my heart.. i listened much to what my heart beats as it told me to obey what it really felt. i am following my heart.. i am following what i am feeling.. i feel im falling.. i fell. i feel im inlove. i felt love. i am loved. he loves me. i love him.

others say it was a revenge. while for me it is simply being ME. i felt it and i simply obeyed it. they said i broke the rules. i broke the norms. for whatever sense they like to call it.. am i being stubborn following what my heart dictates me to do?

i always wish my family and my love of my life would be together even for a day. i wish it will not be just a wish! id like it sooner than soon. please!

i know i am not breaking anything. or if i did, im glad i did it for fairness to everyone concerned. if that's what they want to call it... YES! im breaking the rules.. im breaking norms! just to follow what my heart feels... my heart feels for yobib.. and so im with him!


i love you! so much!!


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