Monday, September 08, 2014

My Greatest Blessings

Have you asked yourself lately on what makes you happy? We may find different definition to happiness, some find it on things others on people. Those who found happiness on things often find themselves empty- longing for more. But when you find happiness on someone else's happiness that's kinda deep. The happiness roots from within. 

And you can see smiles from different source and platform. Some you see smiling but their eyes aren't. Some are crying but their eyes twinkling with happiness. What am trying to say is this - i have been trying to find happiness and happiness has found me the day i got my  first ever biggest blessing - my daughter yena. And i have been happiest since then. Throughout the years i have been blessed with my second daughter Yani and then our little boy yllac. This happiness is at the deepest form. You see me smiling, cryin or everything in between but my eyes would show one thing. That smile of contentment, pure joy and happiness for being blessed tremendously. 

I have prayed for three kids since i was in my twenties. Yes even before i had my first boyfriend and God gave me my wish. And not only that, he gave me the best friend in my spouse. And whenever i look at this collage i smile. God has been blessin me every single day since i have them. 


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