Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Love Story

Let me tell you a love story that you have never heard before. Two different individuals met and had their lives changed 360 degrees, they decided to elope seven years ago. The girl was engaged to be married to another man and the boy broke his girlfriend's heart.

But the girl and the boy were so in love. The girl was disowned by her own mother. On their wedding day, nobody from the girl's side was present. Sad story to start a great love. They lived far away from their parents, slept on the garage of a friend's apartment, managed to get through everyday against all odds.

Seven years after, here they are smiling widely like they didn't pass that hardship. With three kids, they still plan to hold on to that love - that one great love against all odds! :)

Now that girl is the mind behind this blog and wanted to say; Hubby, will still hold on and together we will storm all the hardships that's to come. Happy anniversary to us!! Here's to our bitter past and to the sweeter future together with our three piglets! Love you lotsa lots!!!! 


Clang Wednesday, July 24, 2013 1:09:00 PM  

Weeehhhh!!I'm so happy for you and fafa Yobib!Happy anniversary to both of you!Cheers to everlasting love!^_^

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