Thursday, July 26, 2012

How’s your Online Life?

I have all my emails accessible to my blackberry phone. My facebook, bbm, twitter and yahoo messenger are all open and ready for browsing anytime. I have accounts at all kinds of social media – in fact my current plan is to sign up at I love being online and google is my best friend. I seem to be online but technically I am not.

My life now with Sales has changed a lot. Yes I have my phone with me every single day but I cannot find time to browse on online sites like I used to. I even find it hard to browse on facebook or chat at yahoo messenger with my friends. I am so occupied with work on daytime and to my mommy duties during night time.

Sometimes I wish I can have one day to just be online and browse the net for as long as I want. One perfect example of having been out of the online world is my blog being untouched for days. i miss blogging so much. I have yet to review about how I love the first time I ate Bulgogi at Bulgogi Brothers on my food blog and can’t wait to blog about Coco Grove in Laiya Batangas – the venue of our team building yesterday.  So my online life is taking the toll of my current life. But I know it can wait, I will find time to be online again. One day - one at a time.


Ria Cervantes Friday, August 10, 2012 1:45:00 PM  

Hi Niko!

It's been a while since I dropped a comment here. Well, my online life's a bit quiet. Not much opportunity and activity going around unlike few years back when we have tons of DAs and assignments. How's life these days? Hope all is well!

Ria C

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