Wednesday, November 30, 2011

7 Essential Mobile Apps for Political Science Majors

Political Science is an exciting and fascinating major that not only teaches you about the political world and all its machinations, but also reveals a lot about humanity in general. The biggest drawback to being a Political Science majoris the sheer volume of information you need to sift through in order to conduct a thorough analysis of a political situation. Besides that, new media and information is always being released, so, if you fall behind, catching up can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, there are a number of apps available to help political science majors stay on top of information. Here are some of the best available.


The huge amount of blogger and newspaper generated material can be overwhelming to sift through. iPolitics collects and sorts political articles from a variety of sources and offers them for your perusal without you needing to search yourself, allowing more time for analysis and less for hunting down sources.


This apps offers political science majors a handy mobile reference for the members of Congress, providing information about their race, their pieces of legislation, as well as pertinent news about them. Accurate e-mails for important staffers are also displayed.


So much of policy is influenced by radio hosts that ignoring their contributions can put you at a serious disadvantage in political analysis. WunderRadio allows you to find and listen to radio shows wherever you are, keeping you up to date on the latest commentary.

asap – Politics

Another news sorter that offers an easy to use interface to allow you to review hundreds of articles picked out of the nation's leading newspapers and blogging sites. An excellent resource for the busy PoliSci student that doesn’t have time to read dozens of newspapers per day.

Politics – The Essential Collection

Political science not only relies on the latest political news, but also upon documents from the past, to provide a comprehensive view of political trends historically and an opinion on how they still influence the modern political landscape. This app is an accumulation of all the most vital documents in the realm of politics.


While the average person typically concerns themselves only with the national elections, PoliSci majors know that seeing how politics play out at the local level also influences national trends. The Elections app gives you information about candidates and polling information to keep you informed.


While some might think this app more useful to an Economics major; the truly well informed know that politics are inextricably tied to the economy. Keeping informed about performance in the world market can reveal additional insight into how and why some political maneuvers work or do not work.

Political Science is a fascinating subject, but not one that a student can take in casual doses. Apps can keep political science majors current with the news as well as offer valuable analytical tools to better reveal trends that might have taken much longer to predict before the use of smartphones. The volume of information that political science majors must navigate can be daunting, but the right tools can help you better manage and categorize it all.


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