Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Five Free Android Apps Perfect for New Parents

Throughout history technology has definitely helped improve the fine art of parenting. Medical advancements and improved tools of understanding have paved the way for a new era of prenatal and pediatric care. Yet for most new parents, the most accessible tools in improving their skills as progenitors may come through their HTC phones or other Android-powered devices. The following free five Android apps are essential downloads for any new parent in need of some assistance:

1) 5000 Baby Names from PregnancyToolsPro.com
This one is admittedly a little light on the handiness when it comes to actual parenting, but everyone knows how important a baby's name is. In the weeks leading up to delivery, browsing through the lists of names featured in this app can get you seriously thinking on the best name possible for your newborn. Sure, you can search those ad-laden baby name websites online, but since this is free, what's the difference?

2) Baby Care from Breet.Jia
This app is every neurotic new parent's dream. Baby Care lets you keep track of pretty much every conceivable factor in the well being of a newborn baby. From height/weight to the type of bowel movement your baby has, this thing helps you monitor it all and then some. It sure beats excessive doctor visits for the sole purpose of keeping track of data you can record yourself.

3) Time Flies from PT
A simple app not exactly designed with new parents in mind, Time Flies is nonetheless incredibly useful for raising a newborn. You're going to be losing track of all sorts of things from changing your oil to getting a haircut. This app lets you plug-in such events and informs you on the time that has elapsed since the last time they've occurred. It also helps put your baby's growth in a humbling perspective (It's already been nine weeks since Mia's first haircut?!?!)

4) Color Flashlight HD from Notes
Color Flashlight is another app not exactly geared towards the parents of newborns, yet seems like it was anyway. While anyone with a smartphone is probably the possessor of a flashlight app, this particular version has a “candlelight” setting that lets parents navigate their way around a baby's room without turning on the light. Sure, just get a candle, but that costs money whereas this app is free.

5) Baby Monitor from MVA
This app exemplifies the potential for smartphone apps to provide new parents with simple solutions to otherwise expensive problems. Instead of buying a baby monitor system, one parent can download the Baby Monitor app and plug in the number of the other parent's smartphone. When the Baby Monitor-carrying app picks up crying sounds, the number listed is called. It's an ingenious use of smartphone technology made available to parents for free.

Taking care of a newborn baby isn't easy. But don't make it too hard for yourself when there are free ways to lessen the burden that are free of charge. To find them, look no further than your Android-powered device.

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