Saturday, April 30, 2011

High and Low

This blog is experiencing an erratic change in google page ranking recently. I don’t know why Mr Google is playing trick on this. But I don’t get depressed with page rankings anymore, I don’t earn from blogging because of page rank. Seriously. Am dead serious. My favorite review site does not require a high page rank. And that’s a good thing! Maybe I will apply this to that site soon. Asap.

So maybe, this blog needs a revamp! I am still thinking of giving it a new domain BUT thinking of a new url for this means completing rubbing out the page rank (that has been high and low for months – pr3 the next pr2 the next day ^_^) plus I will be moving this to new domain, wordpress and new layout which means WORK. And I don’t have much time for that lately.

Either way, I know this blog will undergo an overhaul by hook or by crook. Let’s see!


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