Wednesday, December 01, 2010

In Hiding

I was in hiding! There I said it! I was in hiding but now am all out in the open. Maybe I was a pearl in my past life, and I am certainly precious – it’s hard to get me out of my shell most especially when I am down and sick.

Last week, I was sick. That’s my souvenir from our Bohol getaway. So the day we arrived I searched for tramadol at at once. It isn’t hard to search for a cure most especially if you have a laptop in front of you 24/7. So the website I can dictate even in my dreams - - see? It is so easy to recall!

Good thing too, there’s overnight shipping of this pills at I won’t worry if the migraine attacked anytime of the day just as long as I have internet connection I’ll have this pill and I will be better.

But I am feeling so much better now, thank you very much! My additional medicine is the husband who came home from a 5-day trip to Kidapawan with my Mother in Law. Suddenly I want to be out of the shell and be the ‘happy me’ again! See what a love can do? And he is my favorite pill!


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