Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Thrill of Victory

I pride myself on having the mind of a realist and the spirit of a believer. Granted, these two parts of my personality often find themselves at odds with one another in the life I try to lead. It isn't always easy to both think through things (and reject the nonsense) while still believing that pretty much anything can happen (especially things that usually don't). Still, I press onward, searching for some meaning to all of this stuff. Life can be so confusing; it's nice to occasionally find a place where I can both believe in something and think my way through something in a logical way.

I do believe that I have found the perfect place to combine these two occasionally warring traits of mine. Don't think I have lost my head, but I have taken up placing the occasional bet as a side hobby. Now don't call any compulsive gambling hotlines on my behalf; it is nothing more than a little bit of fun I have on the side. I never bet anything that I couldn't bear to lose, no matter how tempting it is at those sports betting sites to just lay it all down. That would be a silly way to sacrifice the old retirement fund.

After all, nobody wins every time, not even me. But it isn't for my lack of trying. I put the same level of effort into making the best possible bets as I put into everything else that I do, you know. No half hearted efforts on my part, when it concerns the money I sweat so hard to make in the first place. Just remember one thing if you also decide that taking up a little online gambling is your thing. Know what you're doing before you start out with any real money. You can always pretend to bet and see if your system works first.


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