Monday, June 14, 2010

MIA for my blogspot blogs..

Because I have my hands full on my domain blogs! Tehee, this blog addiction is really getting into my system. Just when I decided to lie low because of the Yushin Project, I created two additional blogs! Now my nights are into tweaking (since Pehpot taught me about the blogger draft, where you can design your own template in minutes!!), thinking of future posts, editing layout codes, and just staring at them. Would you like to peek on my 2 new domain blogs??

They still look so empty but if you insist, it’s here and here. ^_^

And I am not the only one in this blog addiction. My husband owns four domain blogs already! I am thinking of transferring yena’s blog to domain next month. This blogging runs in the family now! hihihi

So if you can't find anything new here, i am virtually present on one of my other 8 blogs! =)


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