Thursday, January 07, 2010

Run, Niko, Run!

I had a dinner date with my college friends last night. Husband, who went home late for two days straight decided to go home early to be with Yena. I have been out of sight with my friends, I forgot my social life, it has become a habit to go home straight after work as I want to give yena at least some ample time of bonding every day. I feel guilty when I spend almost 12 hours at work and a less time to my only daughter.

So the dinner went smoothly, and I was back to the circle after few months of absence. BUT still I can’t give my 100% ‘jolly self’ while my mind was running wild on what my husband and daughter was doing while am away… I always wish they can go with me – every time.

So when I arrived home, I asked husband if yena looked for me. He said, she did - nonstop. I could imagine my talkative girl asking her daddy - MOMMY OFFICE PA?! (daddy, is mom still in the office?) And then after a few seconds will ask the same question over and over again. That is what she is when husband is not around..

I remembered all her words.. While asking for a juice she would ask – Mommy, daddy office pa? Tawag naten? (mommy, is dad still in the office? Can we call him?) And then would reprimand her dad on the phone – daddy uwe na, tagal mo, bilis mo! Babye.. loveyou.. ingat ka ha.. sulat ka ah! (daddy, please come home, faster! Bye.. I love you.. take care.. mail me!) Her exact words ring to my head – as if an alarm. She is very chatty with a ‘kris aquino’ pitch – I know she got that from me.

And when I gave her a cup of juice she would say – ‘thank you mommy’ or would say to whoever gave her something ‘ thank you mommy’ as if everybody is her mom.. hahah

So at sharp 5pm I will be running home. I miss my daughter... Misss the little parrot :)Niko and Yena First Sunday of 2010


Ms. Marie Thursday, January 07, 2010 5:31:00 PM  

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ppp Monday, January 11, 2010 9:12:00 AM  

hi niko,

ang sarap pakinggan ng mga tinig ng isang bata na walang alam kundi ang maghanap ng atensyon ng mga magulang. minsan nga mapi feel mo ang guilt kasi sa sitwasyon na di mo naman sya iniiwan ng ganun katagal di ba? maswerte ka kasi ngakaroon ka ng isang musmos na alam na alam mong love na love kayo ni daddy, ingat...

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