Friday, December 18, 2009

The Diet that really works

Dieting is not a big thing on Christmas time, Oh well that’s for me. December is that time of the year where loads of parties and lots of food are around. You don’t ruin the merrymaking season by saying you are on a diet and ignore all the delicious food around. Just like the saying that goes, when you’re in Rome do what the Romans do. I say, when you’re in a party do what the people do. Eat, drink and be merry! And forget dieting.. Let the diet season start on January!

Alright, I am just being the good conscience talking here. I just want you to enjoy the season while it last and think about your diet regimen next year. I know some diet program that really works! Have you heard about Bea Alonzo and Roxanne Guinoo’s diet? The 3 boiled banana a day diet. They eat one banana per meal or 3 bananas a day. It does a lot of wonder to their bodies, I should say! Some officemates are doing the same regimen and they agree. For the slimmer you, try it out now!

And for the vegans out there, there are vegetarian meals that will surely go on with your dietary treatment that will surely work! Start dieting next year if I were you.. So you don’t miss that lechon!


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