Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Frugally yours

My husband is the most frugal human being I know. Last weekend, as part of our favorite hobby we dropped by at the appliance store at the mall. As usual, we looked around at the LCD TV’s displayed. LCD TV’s were our much loved destination! Much to my excitement the LCD TV that we have been praying for has a promo plus it was also on a discounted price. I thought if husband would ask for my approval, I would really say yes on purchasing it ASAP!

So he was there point blank talking to the sales agent. It was thirty minutes of question and answer; I can see how much the agent was persuading him to buy the merchandise. At one point, I even told him to get it, as I was excited to watch Manny Pacquiao’s fight the next day. Very much excited with the thought of that LCD TV, I have been planning of contacting the nearest satellite television providers in our area.

I can imagine how much fun it would be every weekends when we can watch all movies that we can! Husband would certainly watch his favorite basketball games nonstop while my toddler would certainly be hooked at the cartoon network. Now I am doing my search on who are the best satellite tv providers in our area. I have to do my homework now or call the satellite tv provider i just found in the internet.

I just wish that by next week, husband would be a compulsive shopper even for a day and decide to buy that LCD TV already! I can’t wait for so long!


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