Sunday, October 04, 2009

Safety Measures in times of Typhoon

Hoping and praying that God is keeping you all safe this sunday morning. I have a copy of this safety measures from our company email, am keeping this and would like to share to everybody.

In times of typhoon, floods and other calamity. This are the things to do:
• Secure loose outdoor items (roofing material, windows (coverings), doors, debris (trash), etc).
• Fill vehicle, generator fuel, and water tanks
• Check and charge radios
• Charge cell phones
• Order bottled water; make ice
• Gather flashlights, tools, and first aid supplies
• Procure fresh batteries, candles, matches, water, groceries (canned and/or dry foods), and pet supplies
• Assure an adequate supply of first aid materials and prescription medications
• Keep emergency numbers ready.

Here's the list of Philippine Emergency numbers:
Red Cross Emergency Number
136, 143
0917-8997898 / 0938-4442697

Metro Manila Development Authority – MMDA Emergency Number

National Disaster Coordinating Council – NDCC Emergency Number
911-5061 / 911-1873 / 912-5668

Coast Guard Emergency Number

Meralco Emergency Number
0917-5592824 / 0920-9292824

Marikina Rescue Emergency Number
646-2436 / 646-2423

Pasig Rescue Emergency Number

NCRPO HOTLINE for request of rubber boats:
838-3303 / 838-3354

San Juan City Hall Command Post

Manny Villar Rescue Team Emergency Number
0917-4226800 / 0917-2414864 / 0927-6751981

Disaster Coordination for Ateneo School of Government
(02) 920-2920

Rubber Boats Hotlines
838-3303, 838-3354

PNRC Rizal Chapter Operations Center Hotline
635-0922, 634-7824


Meryl (proud pinay) Sunday, October 04, 2009 10:39:00 PM  

hope safe ang iyong family. ingat. God bless.

Ria Monday, October 05, 2009 2:33:00 AM  

i pray that everyone will be safe...

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