Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gold digger!

Giggle. I had to laugh with that title for a post but seriously what would you do if you get hold of bullion of gold or gold coins?

With a lot of projects in my mind as the Christmas season is fast approaching, I definitely know where my gold bullion would go! I am currently cooking my Christmas project but this is not something to blog about, as what my blogging friend say it might lose its merit. I am planning of sending some emails to some blogging friends who always support me with my projects, but am quiet shy. I have been bugging them already with my projects so I hope my blogging money or gold coin can make up for it. So to send them email or not is another dilemma I am going through. Laugh.

Anyways, Daniel’s operation is coming in a swift; I still wonder if his mom gets some help from all the foundations they are talking to. I worried so much for the baby that sometimes I lose sleep. I know prayer power can do miracles. I just hope and pray for some rain of gold. If there is such I would certainly get hold of my umbrella to catch all them. I know for sure, that is such a relief for Daniel and his family!

Sometimes I wish I can get hold of that gold bars I only see on TV. I could make a lot of ‘noble’ projects just by having them.. But I know I have to be content with my blogging gold coins as it has been such a blessing already. But still if you know any gold mining please do share, I am most willing to try my luck!


nancy Friday, October 30, 2009 2:37:00 AM  

God bless your kind heart, Niks! You're so dedicated on helping others and for that, I have 2 thumbs up for you...

btw, i've rolled down through those anniversary pics below... so sweet! u are such blessed with a wonderful life and family.

all the best!


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