Tuesday, September 22, 2009

See you tom!

I will be meeting my kumareng pehpot for the nth time tomorrow. That is for our monthly transfer of funds from her paypal to my paypal and finally to my ATM account. Yes, that is the easiest money transfer I can share for those who do not have bank account on their paypal yet or for those who have paypal accounts but are not yet verified.

But you have to know I charge for a fee***, pehpot treat me my fave burger steak lunch at Jollibee on the first time of our meet up. But the next meet ups will be a dutch treat! Just like what will happen tomorrow! Five ladies will spend an hour eating sumptuous meal at Max’s, my favorite!

My dear kittykat from davao is here in manila since yesterday, so it’s a quick EB of sort. My officemate blogger Ms Beng is easy to be tag along so am grabbing her too. Plus Pehpot is tagging along Fedhz, who is on the process of asking permission from her husband Mike.

Am not excited, am i?! If you know me personally while reading this, you will get a hint that I am not that excited! LOL

***of course there is no fee, am just kidding ok! :)

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