Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time to Change!

I am bored. I don’t like to feel like this coz when am bored all I think of is home and my daughter. To be a Stay at Home Mom means resigning BUT quitting work is never my option. I need my job to help my husband keep us through. But how do you fight boredom at work? To name a few, I peek on other blogs, sneak at plurk world and chat with my officemates at the rest room! There is nowhere else to talk about girl issues other than the comfort of the comfort room.

One of our most favored issues is about breast, breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery. Imagine us gossiping about our breasts, who have been gifted and who aren’t. Funny really! But seriously, if ever I would like to have my breast done I would never entrust it to any local surgeons, forgive me for saying this but I can go as far as the earth’s circumference to have it done. I would like to make it done by a competent and reputable center. I heard a lot of great results from Mya Cosmetic Surgery I guess I have found my best pick. So don’t be surprised to see me and my voluptuous body someday soon. I guess to make a change; it has to start with me - and my body! Right?


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