Friday, June 26, 2009

Remembering Inspector Jacques Clouseau

We slept past 12 last night. The culprit was Steve Martin’s movie with Beyonce – The Pink Panther. I don’t know if we woke the neighbors up with our laughters as my sister who lived beside us texted me what we were watching with those earsplitting hoots my husband and I shared. But I never laughed at one movie like I did last night. In fact, my husband was laughing unstoppable even before we turned off the lights.

The movie is really heartwarming and action packed ala James Bond. Remembering inspector Clouseau reminds of the inspectors of Austin Home Inspection. Well who could tell the difference? For sure, both inspectors are doing well in both their fields. Whereas Inspector Clouseau has been tasked to track a killer and to look after the lost pink panther diamond ring, the Austin inspector’s undertaking is to check if one’s home is still safe and well maintained. One should hire an inspector before selling one’s home, as it is useful to both the buyer and the seller. As the inspector charges with a very affordable price, one will surely get a very dependable inspection reports, there isn't time to worry next on your future’s home’s inspection! Inspector Clouseau solved the case with flying colors, and I know it would be with an Austin inspector!


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