Thursday, June 04, 2009

Favorite Blog Award

Pinch me.

I have been receiving different blog awards and accepting this one award from two bloggers must mean something. Ahum, Do I mean something to them too?

Kikamz, a first time mom like me, is one of the closest mom I call friend here. I remember the time when she left me messages in my shoutbox, the first time we virtually met. I am aloof, so I return back the favor and left her a 'Hi, yes add me I will link you too!'. But now, where are we? We don’t just exchange links, we exchange worthy emails and funny conversations just like ‘close’ friends do. How fun is that?!

, who authors Mommy Moments and a very religious lady, is one proud mom like me! I envy her coz she has all her time focus on her two adorable kids. The first time we virtually met she asked me where mall was it, where my daughter was posing at Disney world theme. And then I learned she is from Laguna, oh noh! Just a neighbor province, we might bump into each other one day and I know I will scream! Shout for Joy, it is!

And why am I saying this? It is because am grateful of meeting them and am thankful we're friends. And I am very overwhelmed with the award, thank you so much two mommies!! If you would like to thank God for friend, visit both their sites and enjoy their friendship. Coz I do, always!


kikamz Thursday, June 04, 2009 2:51:00 PM  

hello aniknik! salamat for posting the award and most of all the friendship! you are one of those bloggers i value too! and i am happy that we met online... btw, i had fun watching yena's new video. ang cute nya talaga! inggit ako kasi makapal hair nya.. hehe! can't wait for sam's hair na kumapal din para naman maayos ko na buhok. my fingers are itching to braid her hair into those very cutie designs! hope to see you one of these days.. hugs!

Clarissa Monday, June 08, 2009 5:33:00 PM  

Congratulations to your award,Niko!!You deserve it!!Thanks for being friendly,too!!

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