Monday, May 04, 2009

Tattooed in my mind

I have a strong fascination with people who have tattoo’s. I have an officemate on my previous job that has a mickey mouse tattoo on her right hand. It amazes me more when she said her friend did it to her during her high school days. She told me the needle pain was bearable and if given another chance she would like a matching Minnie mouse tattoo on his left hand.

I learned she has lots of friends who are into making tattoo and it evolves from the friendship they made from She has been enjoying Tattoo Chat from day one of her being a member. On which she proudly said that it is 100% Free to register at that website. Sharing their tattoo’s on webcam and telling each tattoos many and sentimental meanings gives her joy and excitement on her next project of Minnie mouse tattoo on her left hand.

Tattoo looks so jolting but when done with the professional it is safe and the process of healing one’s tattoo is fast. When you want something to be heard, make some tattoo cause it express one’s individuality too. That was what I learned from her, I must say she has a point. Others might be scared of tattoo but others would embrace it to the fullest. I say, respecting each one’s choice for their body is just the right thing to do!


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