Saturday, May 16, 2009

How smart is SMART – Part II

After two weeks, I went to the wireless center and put my account on disconnection on which they let me make a letter to waive my pre termination fee. The smart bro plan 999 has a 12 months contract so a pre termination fee of P10,000 should be paid if I would like to terminate my account within 12 months. So I did a letter telling them how I wanted my connection BUT there is no signal in our area! It was useless to maintain my account, or revert back to my old address or place my connection on another area. They were not valid choices for me! The contractors can attest to that signal problem! So with high hope that they would approve my letter, I thought I would be getting some adjustments on my last bill and a refund of P800.

Calling their customer hotline, 02-6727277. I was told I could get the adjustment of my bill of P200+. I inquired about the refund and was told to ask about it on the Smart wireless center at our place.

For the finale, I will not be getting any money from smart. In fact I owe them P8,000+ of the pre termination fee. I was told the letter I made asking for waive on my disconnection was not approved, so I have to pay the pre termination fee. Instead of P10,000 it will only be P8,000 because of the adjustments and the refund. How smart!


ryliej Thursday, May 14, 2009 1:46:00 PM  

Nakakaloka ito, umuusok ang ilong at tenga ko kakabasa nito mare.. grabe, when it comes to refund talaga, ang hirap dyan satin.. Kahit anong business ganun..

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