Friday, May 15, 2009

How smart is SMART – Part 1

To start with, I have my smartbro plan 999 since December 2008. Globe, PLDT and Eastern Telecom has not reach our province yet, or if they do the connection I was told will not be favorable. So without any choice, I applied to Smart. Got my connection within the week and I had a grand time with my connection sometimes. As we all know how Smartbro works. It is an unlimited connection for a month with a charge of only P999.00, so cheap. And yes the service match with the price. But as I said that I don’t have any choice, I kept on.

Until we moved to our new house March 2009. I wanted my connection relocated. That was a MUST. I paid smart, P1,450 for relocation fee, I was told I could refund P800 if the process of relocation would not be successful. So for those trial times of searching a signal at our new house, the two contractors gave up, there was no signal in our area. The place seemed congested. I was told one tower of Smart was not working near our place. Persistent to have my connection I told them to retry and check on it again for days. It seemed I would not have my connection, so my three choices were, 1) to revert back to my old address, 2) to transfer to any locations or 3) to permanently disconnect my account with them. As number 1 and 3 would seem so impossible (imagine this, I have my own house and my connection on another address) and that would be very inconvenient! So I decided to disconnect my account, in order not to be charge for a service I will not be getting. (So i thought it was a smart move on my part, but i was wrong!)

To be continue..


misty Thursday, May 14, 2009 1:45:00 PM  

That really sucks, naginginig ako mare kakabasa nitong four entries mo grrrrr...

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