Thursday, May 07, 2009

Do NOT take Shrimp or Prawn when taking Vitamin C

This is a forwarded email from my dear blogging friend Ria. I think i have to post it for everybody else to know.
Taiwan, a woman suddenly died unexpectedly with signs of bleeding from her ears, nose, mounth and eyes. After a preliminary autopsy it was diagnosed death due to arsenic poisoning death. Where did the arsenic come from?

The police launched an in-depth and extensive investigation. A medical school professor was invited to come to solve the case.

The professor carefully looked at the contents from the deceased's stomach, in less than half an hour, the mystery was solved. The professor said: 'The deceased did not commit suicide and neither was she murdered, she died of accidental death due to ignorance!'

Everyone was puzzled, why accidental death? The arsenic is of the U.S. military for carrying rice seedlings H Gao. The professor said: 'The arsenic is produced in the stomach of the deceased.' The deceased used to take 'Vitamin C' everyday, which in itself is not a problem. The problem was that she ate a large portion of shrimp/prawn during dinner. Eating shrimp/prawn is not the problem that's why nothing happened to her family ever though they took the same shrimp/prawn. However at the same time the deceased also took 'vitamin C', that is where the problem is!

Researchers at the University of Chicago in the United States , found through experiments, food such as soft-shell shrimp/prawn contains a much higher concentration of - five potassium arsenic compounds.

Such fresh food by itself has no toxic effects on the human body! However, in taking 'vitamin C', due to the chemical reaction, the original non-toxic - five potassium arsenic (As anhydride, also known as arsenic oxide, the chemical formula for As205) changed to a three potassium toxic arsenic (ADB arsenic anhydride), also known as arsenic trioxide, a chemical formula (As203), which is commonly known as arsenic to the public!

Arsenic poisoning have magma role and can cause paralysis to the small blood vessels, "mercapto Jimei", inhibits the activity of the liver and fat necrosis change Hepatic Lobules Centre, heart, liver, kidney, intestine congestion, epithelial cell necrosis, telangiectasia. Therefore, a person who dies of arsenic poisoning will shows signs of bleeding from the ears, nose, mounth & eyes.

Therefore; as a precautionary measure, DO NOT not take shrimp/prawn when taking 'vitamin C'.


Lucrecio Emerito Thursday, May 07, 2009 1:10:00 PM  

Hi, ma'am Niko. This is my first time here in your blog. That's a cute baby girl Yena you have there.

As to the email, it has been circulating around for a while. But, it has been considered a hoax. Of course, you or your friend is not the one to blame. Both of you are just concerned. That is why you also tried to warn others.

You can check it at and in a lot other sites.

But still, wala namang mawala kung manigurado, di ba?

niko Thursday, May 07, 2009 1:15:00 PM  

oh thanks a lot, am thinking of just deleting this post, it makes no sense after all the information is fraud. but with ur comment i think i have to retain it.

thank you for your info! have a nice day!

Lucrecio Emerito Thursday, May 07, 2009 1:27:00 PM  

It is fine with me either way, ma'am Niko. If you want to delete it, you can.

You can also retain it. Anyway, the link in the comment is there. So, readers who also received the same email will know it is a hoax.

Or you can also delete it and make a new post about that hoax.

Really, whatever suits you, ma'am. Don't mind my comment. This is your blog. I appreciate you letting me know before deleting it, though. :) Thanks.

Lucrecio Emerito Thursday, May 07, 2009 1:48:00 PM  

I mean, I appreciate it that you let me knew in your comment above before deleting it. (If ever you do.) Pweh, Inglis bery compusing. :D Basta salamat for letting me know. hahaha

Ria Thursday, May 07, 2009 9:39:00 PM  

Hi Niko,

We just get deluded with so many emails these days that we don't know which one is a hoax or really authentic. Well, sometimes you just don't have time to verify the facts like I did so I was compelled to forward the mails to my families and friends for info.

Anyway, in the future, maybe I'll check the veracity of the claims first...hahahaha....

Oist, lagi ako bumibisita sa iyo kaso when I am in the office, di ako maka-leave ng comments eh... BAWAL...hahahaha... naka-block sa office namin ang mga pop-ups ng Blogger. O di ba! Stict nila...

Musta na? Hug Yena for me pls...

Ria C

Jade Friday, May 08, 2009 9:42:00 AM  

Ooohh so good to know it's a hoax coz I just ate shrimps yesterday and took extra vitamin c as well...I'm still alive thank goodness heheheh ;)

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